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The Gothic Quarter by Night

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Journey to the heart of the old town, Ciutat Vella with the help of an architect


Barcino, the charm and mystery of the city by night. See the old town when it's quiet. The old town reveals its history by evoking the Roman city and medieval era.

Architour takes you on an intimate, sensorial tour where architecture converges with the phenomenon of the city and intertwines with history, art, sociology and culture in general.


The route explores the main landmarks in the Gothic Quarter and the historic districts of the oldest, and most beautiful, part of town…a truly meaningful place.

The buildings: Santa Maria del Pi, which represents the pared-down beauty of Catalan Gothic architecture; Santa Anna, a hidden medieval gem; the powerful Cathedral; and the noble and imposing Palau Reial, speak to us about their eventful past. The squares, including Sant Felip Neri, where time seems to have stood still, the plaça Reial, and iconic thoroughfares, such as the vibrant Rambla, express textures and stories that remain very much alive. Iconic places such as the Jewish Quarter also reflect Barcelona's vast cultural wealth.

This immersion in the city is an enriching experience designed for travellers to contemplate and explore Barcelona's most beautiful and time-honoured architectural landmarks while they wait for midnight.

What does your booking include?:
  • Option A/B: A book containing all the information about the route, with photos and a bibliography. 
  • 2.5-hour guided tour.
  • Guided tour for small groups led by architects.

Free cancellation

Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).