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Barcelona Walking Tours Gòtic -Easy

From 14,40 € /person

Roman remains and medieval palaces in Barcelona


If you want to find out about the historic events in the oldest part of Barcelona don't miss this walking tour which will reveal the most splendid period of the Catalan capital and its culture which can still be seen today. Every step of the tour is full of history, charm and magic.


This guided tour will explain every detail about the history of Barcelona from Roman times to the medieval period while you walk through the Gothic Quarter, which has a charm all of its own with its narrow, cobbled streets, wrought-iron street lamps, buildings and delightful terraces that comprise hidden corners you can lose yourself in.

The walk begins in the plaça Sant Jaume, the seat of the local, autonomous government during the Middle Ages and at the present time. Next, you'll explore the narrow streets leading to the plaça del Rei, a unique site and the historic centre of power during the reign of the Catalan counts and monarchs. Beneath the square lie the remains of the Roman city of Barcino and the remains of the medieval city above it. To end the tour, close to the plaça del Rei, the Barcelona Cathedral, built in different artistic styles, next to the important surviving sections of the Roman walls.

A route that will make you feel you have travelled back in time when you get home.

And if you have reduced mobility (because you walk with a stick, need a wheelchair to get around, or feel tired when you stop for a long period of time...) but you don’t want to miss out on the activities the city offers, we’ve prepared a route for you to discover the “heart” of Barcelona. An easy, convenient route, adapted to your needs!.

What does your booking include?:

Walking Tour Gothic:
  • Two-hour tour led by a professional guide.
  • Wireless tour guide system designed to aid communication between participants and the guide.

Easy Walking Tour Gothic:
  • Tour lasting 1 hour 30 minutes led by a professional guide.
  • Itinerary free of architectural barriers.
  • Adapted to your mobility and the pace of those taking part.
  • Wireless tour guide system with a magnetic loop necklace.

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