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Big Fun Museum

From 25,00 €

Optical illusions


Feel like a child again at the Big Fun Museum, with its ball pool and 3D installations.


The Big Fun Museum is a new, fun visitor attraction on La Rambla and has five rooms where enjoying yourself is child’s play:
  • The Giant’s House: Experience what it’s like to be really small. The giant’s house is a vast room where you’ll find gigantic objects, food and animals.
  • The Sweet Gallery: Do you like sweet treats? Well this is your haven: ice creams, candies, magical candy floss animals, unicorns with ice cream cones on their heads, rooms with hanging bananas, and much more.
  • The Topsy-Turvy House: Enter a world where everything is literally topsy-turvy! You’ll find different rooms with real everyday objects that defy the laws of gravity.
  • Guinness: Weird and wonderful curiosities. Real-life characters from history that showed the world their amazing powers and historic exhibitions that marked a watershed in the history of humanity.
  • Ball Pool: A giant pool you can fall in to, immerse yourself in a world of colours and throw balls to your loved ones.
A whole world of fun and fantasy waiting to be discovered!

What does your booking include?:

  • Admission to the museum.

  • Free cancellation

    Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).