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Vic: architecture, city and culture

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Vic: architecture & History


What is the nucleus of architecture? History, culture and the city, as a public and complex phenomenon. Architour, an architecture office, has this philosophy. The route is an immersion in Vic to induce interaction and reflection of travelers and city lovers.


The route is based on the city and its phenomenon, basically as unity and as fundamental example of medieval urbanism. The itinerary goes into the history of Vic, the genesis of the urban fabric and its generating focuses. The route also regards a larger geographic scale: La Plana, with its market as a timeless heart.

Industrial Revolution and consequently Catalan sociological bourgeoisie is another subject of interest to go into the guts of the city, where sausage is its most sentimental product, also with the legacy of the leather industry.

The Roman origin, a distant trace rewritten by some rich historical strata; the baroque world, a new urban and cultural project as scenario of power; some scars from the Civil War; the inheritance of the Jewish quarter; and the strength of an architectural contemporaneity, turned into a new urban and cultural focus, weave a magma of interest.

What does your booking include?:
  • Two and a half hour visit, with small groups guided by architects.
  • Final coffee, at the Atlantida Theater coffee shop, to share conclusions.
  • Complete book of the route, with review, photos and bibliography, in PDF format.

Free cancellation

Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).