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Sagrada Família and visit to the towers

From 55,00 €

Guided tour of the Sagrada Família and the towers


Enjoy a complete guided tour of the Sagrada Família (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a climb to the top of the towers.


A professional guide will give you an in-depth insight into one of the masterpieces by the great Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. You will find out about the different aspects of the architect's life that inspired and had an impact on his work and created a style of architecture that is truly unique in the world.

Inside you will discover the magic of the genius Gaudí while your guide takes you to the different areas, including the basilica, where Gaudí is buried, and the top of the towers where you'll be able to enjoy beautiful views of Barcelona.

The Sagrada Família is one of the city's iconic symbols. Don't miss it!

What does your booking include?
  • Professional guide.
  • Guided tour of the Sagrada Família (english).
  • Access to the towers.
  • Skip-the-line entry to the basilica.

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