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Flamenco City Hall

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Passion and tradition on stage


Enjoy flamenco at the historic Barcelona City Hall. An exceptional setting for a show full of passion, skill and the authentic flamenco spirit. Are you ready to experience the magic of flamenco?


Come to Barcelona City Hall to enjoy flamenco in an intimate performance that reclaims the essence of this art form that has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. You'll be able to soak up the unique and special atmosphere of a flamenco party where music, dance and singing take centre stage. Surrender to the charms of the performers from the current Catalan flamenco scene and let flamenco really move you!.

Barcelona City Hall is currently housed in the former Teatro de Barcelona, which was built in the early 19th century. Don't miss out on the opportunity to admire the beautiful features of this unique theatre which survive from its historic past, including the stage framed with light bulbs, the velvet curtains and original stage machinery.

What does your booking include?:
  • Admission to the Flamenco Music Hall show + Drink (depending on the chosen option).

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