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Guided tour of the fishermen's Guild buildings

From 49,00 €

Fishing, tradition and culture


Discover one of Barcelona’s oldest and most traditional professions on a visit to the fishing quay run by the Fishermen’s Guild. Our marine biologists will give you an insight into the world of fishing, fishermen and fish auctions. At the end, you’ll be able to sample a delicious seafood tapa.


The marine biologists from the fishing tourism initiative “El Peix al Plat-Barcelona Turismo Pesquero” will introduce you to the inside world of the fishing port and show that the biodiversity of the Mediterranean and professional fishing are the main source of sustenance for many human communities.

You’ll discover the different fishing boats and equipment as well as the daily lives of the netters and fishermen who you will accompany from the time they land their catch to the main hall where the live auctions take place. At the end of your visit, you’ll sample a typical tapa of white anchovies in vinegar, accompanied by an artisan drink made using traditional methods.

The Fishermen’s Guild is one of Barcelona’s most authentic yet unknown places. An enclave, where time, marked by the historic clock tower, seems to have stood still.

Don’t think twice and come and enjoy the hidden gems of the sea!

What does your booking include?:

  • Guided tour of the Fishermen's Guild by marine biologists + Tipical tapa and drink.