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La Galeria de les Il·lusions

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Delve into a maze of incredible images


Be the main character in some of the most fun paintings at the Galeria de les Il·lusions, Europe's first museum dedicated to optical illusions, and experiment with famous paintings, characters and landscapes by taking the most mind-boggling photos.


Picture yourself on a boat being pulled through the waves by butterflies; as the big hand on a melting watch, or dancing in a flamenco club. Imagine yourself as Messi in the middle of the Camp Nou stadium and scoring a goal as the crowds cheer. Or in the heart of Manhattan shouting "help" on top of the Empire State in King Kong's grasp.

All this and much, much more are waiting for you at the Galería de las Ilusiones Ópticas, Europe's first photographic project devoted to optical illusions. As you walk along its corridors, you'll be able to delve into your imagination like you did as a child and encounter the settings of masterpieces by Dalí, Goya and Picasso, the landscapes of Catalonia and even fictional characters, famous singers and footballers from around the world.

Let yourself be carried away by the art, colour and fiction of this parallel universe and don't forget to take part in the Barcelonarium, a theatrical adventure where the characters from famous paintings will step out of the frames. At the end, you'll be able to take away an amazing photo as a souvenir of this unforgettable, fun experience!.

With your ticket for five or nine museums, you’ll be able to visit the Big Fun Museum a new, fun visitor attraction on La Rambla and has nine museums (the giant’s house, the upside down house, the fight maze, the ribbon maze, the ball pool, the room of memories and wonders, the candy room, the mirror maze) where enjoying yourself is child’s play.

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  • Admission to one, five or nine museums.

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