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Chocolate Museum

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A journey through the origins of chocolate


The Museu de la Xocolata was set up in the year 2000 as an initiative of Barcelona’s Confectioners’ Guild, and is housed in a building of great historic importance, the former Convent of Sant Agustí in Barcelona.


In addition to disseminating the culture of chocolate and its associations with Barcelona and Catalonia, the 600 m2 exhibition space of the Museu de la Xocolata traces the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe, and its semi-mythical status. Visitors can find out about its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties, its symbolic, cultural and economic significance and nutritional value, something which links tradition with modernity and forms part of our collective imagination.

The Museu de la Xocolata also has a wide range of activities and workshops on offer for all the visitors and there is also the possibility to hold birthday parties for the little ones.

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