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Gran Gala Flamenco

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Let the gypsy dances cast their spell!


The Fandango, Seguidilla, Alegría, Bulería... Did you know that flamenco has a wide range of rhythms or palos?. Discover them and enjoy the Gran Gala Flamenco show, the finest performances in this genre you'll find in Barcelona.


Gran Gala Flamenco Barcelona takes the spectator on a journey by means of the heart of the deepest flamenco.

Exciting, with a selection of the most poignant "palos" of flamenco interpretated by the new generation of Catalan artists.

Let yourself be captivated by al the intensity and passion of the gypsy people and enjoy the perfect union of strength, music, spirit and dance.

What does your booking include?:
  • Admission to the show.

Musicians: El Tati (guitar)and Juan de Julia (cajón).
Bailaores: Eli Ayala, Maria José González, Nacho Blanco and Iván Alcalá.
Cantaores: Miguel de la Tolea and Luis "El Granaíno".
Art Direction: Eli Ayala and Nacho Blanco.

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