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Barcelona History Museum

A museum of museums


Walk through 2,000 years of history and see how the city and its citizens have evolved. Barcelona is a vast living museum which you'll understand better if you visit the different museums that are part of the Museu d'Història de Barcelona. (MUHBA).


The MUHBA has five museums which you can visit in the order you prefer.

You'll find a 4,000 m2 archaeological site under the square where the Conjunt Monumental de la Plaça del Rei stands. You'll be able to see the historic remains of the Roman colony and the episcopal ensemble of old Barcino.

Visit a 19th-century farmhouse and poet's house at the Museu-Casa-Verdaguer, which is dedicated to the memory of Jacint Verdaguer, one of the most important Catalan writers of the 19th century.

Under Santa Caterina market, you'll find the Espai Santa Caterina, an archaeological space where you'll discover how this part of the city has evolved from prehistoric times to the present day.

The Centre d'Interpretació del Call is the best place to start if you want to find out how Barcelona's Jewish community lived. You'll find all the information you want about Barcelona's old Jewish Quarter and see some of the objects recovered from the archaeological digs, such as ritual lamps, cooking pots and tombstones.

If you want to understand how the people of Barcelona lived through the 1936 air raids during the Spanish Civil War, you can visit Refugi 307, an air-raid shelter which bears witness to the events and saved many members of the local community.

What does your booking include?:
    Admission to (ticket valid for 6 months after the date of voucher exchange):
    • The Conjunt Monumental de la Plaça del Rei
    • Via Sepulcral Romana
    • Domus de Sant Honorat.
    • 307 refuge
    • Temple d'August.
    • El Call
    • Santa Caterina.
    • Vil·la Joana (Casa Verdaguer Museum)
    • Turó de la Rovira
    • Porta de Mar and port thermal baths

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