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Centre d'Art Amatller

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The origins of Catalan Modernism and present-day Barcelona


The Centre d'Art Amatller is the new reference space dedicated to the origins of Catalan Modernism, or Modernisme, and present-day Barcelona in the first Modernista building in the Eixample, Casa Amatller, which combines immersive audiovisual projections, augmented reality and virtual reality with traditional museography to create a new relationship between art, history and society.


The experience is divided into two parts. The permanent exhibition is dedicated to Barcelona in 1900, while the temporary immersive experience is devoted to the Dragons and virtual reality.

The permanent exhibition at the Centre d'Art Amatller explores the origins of Modernisme, an artistic and cultural movement that changed the city and the country forever, and offers you the opportunity to experience it through both interactive and traditional museum displays. A time of great social changes that awakened the yearnings, dreams and energy of the inhabitants of the old walled city and led to spectacular economic, social and cultural growth.

The temporary exhibition "Modernist Dragons, Legends of Fire" uses two powerful audiovisual experiences to take you on a journey around the world. An immersive room covering an area of almost 400 m2, where a 360º film is projected based on the myths and legends of dragons as a mythological symbol in Catalonia and around the world. There is also a VR room, equipped with virtual reality glasses that allow you to journey inside Casa Amatller and fly over the Barcelona of 1900 with one of the little dragons from the lampposts at the entrance to the house.

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  • Permanent exhibition: Barcelona 1900
  • Immersive temporary exhibition: "Modernist Dragons, Legends of Fire"
  • 360º projection and Virtual Reality

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