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Flamenco Casa Sors

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Flamenco show and Museum of Historic Guitars


Located right in the centre of Barcelona, Flamenco Casa Sors brings you much more than a flamenco show. Founded in 1972, and run by a family of flamenco artistes, it has a unique space dedicated to music and guitars – the Museum of Historic, Classical and Flamenco Guitars – and stages a flamenco show with award-winning performers who are passionate about their art.


Enjoy one of the most genuine and widely recognised artistic expressions of Spanish culture in Barcelona. Flamenco Casa Sors brings you a premium experience through dance, singing and the flamenco guitar. Its premises have been used as a recording studio by big stars, including Shakira and Rosalía. An intimate, welcoming atmosphere that will allow you to capture the pure musical essence of flamenco, in a totally soundproofed space that offers the best possible sound.

But that’s not all. Your booking also includes a guided tour of the Guitar Museum, which features a unique collection of historic, classical and flamenco guitars from 1700 to the present day, which are considered some of the best in the world: the Stradivarius of guitars. A journey through the centuries led by an expert guide.

Some of the biggest names in the world of flamenco have been associated with the Casa Sors, including Camarón de la Isla (the King of Flamenco), Tomatito, Eric Clapton and Eddie Vedder.

You can combine your cultural experience with drinks and tapas.

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What does your Flamenco Casa Sors booking include?:

Depending on the chosen option:
  • Flamenco show + guided tour of the Guitar Museum
  • Flamenco show + guided tour of the Guitar Museum + drink
  • Flamenco show + guided tour of the Guitar Museum + drink + tapas

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Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).