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Virtual experience inside the church of Sant BenetVisitors at the former residence of Ramon Casas within the Monastery of Sant BenetMonastery of Sant BenetCouple looking at work by Ramon Casas inside the Monastery of Sant BenetVirtual recreation inside the church of the Monastery of Sant BenetGroup visiting room of the Monastery of Sant BenetCloister of the Monastery of Sant Benet

Medieval and Modernist Experience at the Monastery

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Món Sant Benet, a thousand years of sensations


A tour of the most iconic parts of the monastery – the church, the cloisters, the cellar and the cells of the Montserrat gallery – which will allow you to see them through the eyes of the monastery’s former inhabitants.


Medieval Tour of Sant Benet

We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique recreation of monastic life. You'll discover the ancient home of the Benedictine monks and trace its evolution from the Romanesque period until its restoration by the famous modernista architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1900, when it became the home of the modernista painter Ramon Casas. You'll hear voices and everyday sounds, and see images of the past emerge from the thousand-year-old walls, making the tour a unique experience.

Modernisme tour of Sant Benet

Stroll through the summer residence of the painter Ramon Casas in a sensory journey through the bedrooms and rooms of the monastery of Sant Benet, converted into a summer house for the Catalan bourgeoisie.

Travel back in time to the summer of 1924 to the summer residence of the painter Ramon Casas. Amidst the smell of paint and the strokes from the artist’s brushes, we discover how the bourgeoisie of the time lived and stop to observe the magical details and rituals that define it.The family’s maid will tell us the secrets kept by the walls of a thousand-year-old monastery converted into a temple of rest and bourgeois life: -Have you heard about the painter’s love story with the lottery saleswoman, Júlia Peraire?, she whispers to us.

A sensory journey with music, light, projections, smells and other amazing effects. And, with a love story included!

What does your booking include?:
  • Special audioguided tour of Sant Benet.

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Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).