Barcelona Turisme

Flamenco Art at the Palau de la Música Catalana

From 30,00 €

Feel the power of flamenco with dance, music and the voice


Feel the emotion during an unforgettable night at the Palau de la Música, where the power of the great singers, the skill of the musicians and the emotive talent of the dancers will captivate you. Feel the stamping of the heels, the depth of the emotion and their overwhelming devotion to the flamenco art.


Here's your opportunity to enjoy a wonderful show with an amazing troupe of performers, including guitarists, a flautist and percussionists, four singers and four outstanding dancers… directed by the choreographer Susana Escoda, and the artistic director and singer, Sara Flores.

Emotions will run high as you witness the heart-rending passion of flamenco with a varied programme of dances, alternating between the most profound and intimate compositions, like the tango, and the more sombre soleá por bulerías and seguiriyas, in which the performers express their pain, and the more joyful flamenco forms, including Alegrías, Bulerías and Tanguillos which will get you in a party mood. Put in a nutshell…the show will make your body tingle.

What does your booking include?:

Guitar: Rafel Fernández i Miguel Aguilera or invited artist.
Flaute: Fran león.
Cajón: Paco de Mode and Isaac Vigueras.
Bailaores: Susana Escoda, Adelaida Guerrero, María Fernández, Aida Orozco, Rosa Maria Domínguez, Toni Moñiz and Isaac Vigueras.
Cantaores: Antonio Cortés, Jorge Mesa and Francisco Moreno or invited artist.

Free cancellation

Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).