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Barcelona Park Güell by GaudíBarcelona Park Güell by GaudíBarcelona Park Güell by GaudíBarcelona Park Güell by GaudíBarcelona Park Güell by Gaudí
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Guided Tour Park Güell

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Nature and architecture in harmony


Take this guided tour and explore Park Güell, the wonderful garden-city created by the genius of Catalan art nouveau, Antoni Gaudí, and one of the most delightful works from this artistic movement.


The tour of this vast uptown park, replete with details and close to Tibidabo, is a pleasant and romantic experience and perfect for lovers of the open air.

Walk up the dragon staircase, with its surface covered in broken shards of trencadís mosaic, and make your way to the Hall of One Hundred Columns, which actually consists of 86 columns that resemble giant stalagmites inside a cave. Stroll through the Greek Theatre, the Laundry Room Portico and the Austria Gardens and blend into the landscape of this fascinating park lined with unusual paths and hidden corners full of details.

At Park Güell, you'll discover the rich symbolism of Catalonia's home-grown art nouveau movement, modernisme, inside a wonderful example of urban planning which has been awarded Unesco World Heritage status.

What does your booking include?:
  • Tour lasting one and a half hours led by a professional guide.
  • Wireless tour guide system designed to aid communication between participants and the guide.
  • Entrance to Park Güell.

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Up to 24h before the tour begins (local time).