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CaixaForum, the Museum and Cultural Centre of “La Caixa” Community Projects, is housed in one of Barcelona’s landmark buildings, the Casaramona textile mill, a jewel of industrial modernista architecture designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch.


CaixaForum offers a wide range of events with a broad appeal: exhibitions of ancient, modern and contemporary art, which make CaixaForum one of Barcelona's most dynamic, active and vibrant venues. Exhibitions devoted to international artists, together with concerts, film screenings, debates and lectures, performing-arts events, sessions about literature and contemporary thought, multimedia art and family activities make the old factory a key attraction.

In addition to this, CaixaForum has opened an exhibition space and is running a series of guided tours, entitled "Modernisme-Modernity. Tours of the Former Modernista Factory", which reveal the hidden details of the former textile mill. The exhibition gives us an insight into the history of the building and the figure of Josep Puig i Cadafalch, who, along with Domènech i Montaner and Antoni Gaudí, was one of the leading lights of modernista architecture.

2023 Exhibitions:
  • Gods, wizards and wise men. The artists private collections. From 24/11/2022 to 2/4/2023.
  • Ancient egyptian mummies. Rediscovering six lifes. From 1/12/2022 to 26/3/2023.
  • Expanded visions. Photography and experimentation. From 27/4/2022 to 27/8/2023.
  • Alex Reynolds. From 5/5/2022 to 20/8/2023.
  • THe human image: art, identities and symbolism. From 5/7 to 22/10/23.

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