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Sailing Boats and wine

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Sailing trip and winery tour


Climb aboard a sailing boat bound for El Masnou, and visit one of the family-run wineries in Alella, where you’ll be able to taste its organic wines.


On this tour, you’ll be able to enjoy two great pleasures: a sailing trip out at sea and wine tourism.
You’ll set sail from Barcelona on a 14-metre-long sailing boat and relax to the gentle lapping of the waves while you admire the city skyline and have a drink. A trip lasting nearly an hour and a half that will take you to the port of El Masnou, where a private vehicle will take you to one of the family-run wineries in Alella.

A wine expertwill give you a tour of the vineyardsand winery and tell you about the wine-making process. The guided tour of the winery will end with a wine tasting.

The return trip will be by road ending in Plaça Catalunya.

What does your booking include?:
  • Sailing trip from Barcelona to El Masnou (1 h. 30 min. approx.).
  • Bebida, olivas y frutos secos a bordo del velero.
  • Private vehicle transfer from the port of El Masnou to the winery (10 minutes approx.).
  • Guided tour of a family-run winery in Alella and its vineyards.
  • Tasting of 3 local organic wines.
  • Return transfer by private vehicle to Plaça Catalunya.

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