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Theatre Play, Gaudí’s Last Day

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Play inspired by Gaudí’s life


“Gaudí’s Last Day” is a play based on the life of the genius architect Gaudí, which blends past and present to imagine what he was like. A work of mystery and humour in which the audience will be jury and accomplice and play an active role in solving riddles.

The play is being performed in the matchless setting of the anatomical amphitheatre of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.


A young architect is presenting her doctoral thesis. “Gaudí’s Last Day” argues that “everything that has been said about the death of Antoni Gaudí is false”. Based on this statement, conspiracies, riddles, sects, occult symbols and undiscovered plans and designs come to light.

While the young architect defends her thesis in public, Gaudí’s last moments are played out in situ and will corroborate or contradict the young architect’s version of events. Was Gaudí really killed by a tram? Was it a murder? Was he unable to cope with fame and fled? Why has the Sagrada Familia remained unfinished?

Don’t miss it. There’s a lot to discover!

Text: play written by Marc Angelet. Production: Sándal Produccions. Performers: Carolina Morro, Laura Carbonell, Aina Gomis, Josep Sucarrats. Capacity: 60/65 persones aprox. (Covid19). 150/175 persones aprox. (Normal).

What does your booking include?:
  • Entry for the play "Gaudí’s Last Day".

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