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Barcelona Craft Beer tasting

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Beer tasting and food pairing


Guided tour of Barcelona featuring a tasting of five beers paired with Catalan cured meats and sausage and traditional flatbread (pa de coca). A one-hour workshop led by a beer specialist who will introduce you to the world of craft beer.


Learn everything about the world of craft beer, its history, the ways it is produced, different styles, flavours, aromas, etc. Our guide will tell you how to taste each type of beer, the differences between them as well as the special characteristics to bear in mind.

If you like beer, you can’t miss it!

Your booking includes?:
  • Beer workshop with a specialist guide.
  • Tasting of five specially selected beers (ale, lager, pale ale, IPA and stout).
  • Tasting of cured meats and sausage with traditional Catalan coca flatbread.
  • Free Wi-Fi at the pick-up point.

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