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Water bikes in Barcelona

From 25,00 €

Have fun doing exercise!


Discover the latest in water sports. A comfortable, ergonomic water bike that will let you glide over the water.


This is the world’s most advanced eco water bike. It produces no emissions, is noise free and resembles an ultraportable catamaran. It doesn’t need towing and its propulsion system makes it really easy to manoeuvre. Its built-in, resistant, inflatable floats guarantee the user’s safety.

Water biking is one of the most highly recommended sports for keeping fit. Here you can do it while you enjoy views of Barcelona’s beautiful waterfront. The bike has a platform on the front that can hold two other riders.

What does your booking include?:

According to the chosen option:
  • Water bike, 2 passengers: 30 min.
  • Water bike, 2 passengers: 60 min.

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