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Human Bodies Exhibition

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The anatomy of life


Human Bodies takes you on an intimate and educational journey through the body to reveal the inner workings of the most perfect machine ever created: your own body.


Human Bodies is much more than an exhibition or anatomy class suited to all ages.
It provides an unforgettable experience: a journey inside the human body to discover it in depth, from human development to the nervous system, while touching on the concept of a new being or showing how our digestive system works.

The secrets of the organism hidden from the human eye are revealed to the public in this exhibition that features more than 150 organs and 12 real bodies preserved using the most advanced plastination techniques.

Human Bodies is a powerful educational tool that can raise people’s awareness of the importance of looking after their own bodies.

Enjoy the spectacle of life!

What does your booking includes?:
  • Admission to the exhibition Human Bodies.
  • Audioguide.

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