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Happy Luggage Storage Barcelona

From 3,50 €

Left luggage and much more


Left luggage and property storage in the centre of Barcelona. Lighten the load and enjoy the city at your leisure!


Happy Lockers Barcelona offers a flexible, safe and convenient solution to storing your belongings.

Located right in the centre of Barcelona and with easy access, Happy Locker offers:
  • Access to your luggage as often as you wish without any additional costs.
  • Video cameras monitoring the premises for extra safety.
  • Security code lockers so you don't have to worry about losing the key.
  • Different-sized lockers to suit different needs.
  • Personalised attention in different languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • S locker 40x50x70 (cabin baggage): 3.50€ a day*.
  • M locker 50x55x90 (3 pieces of cabin baggage plus 1 large suitcase): 6€ a day*.
  • XL locker 50x90x90 (5 pieces of cabin baggage and 2 large suitcases): 12€ a day*.
  • Storage of bicycles: 5€ day*.
  • Storage of large objects (golf clubs, surfboards, skis, pushchairs): 10€ a day *.
  • * The prices are calculated by calendar days.

What does your booking include?:

According to the chosen option:
  • Use of an XL locker (50x90x90)cm, L locker (40x60x80)cm, M locker (40x40x60)cm specially designed for one piece of hand luggage or storage space for large objects.

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