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Palau de la Balmesiana

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Visit the hidden treasure of La Balmesiana


The Palau de la Balmesiana is a masterpiece by the architect Rubió i Bellver dating from 1916 and consisting of two neo-medieval buildings which reused some of the original elements of the ancient mansions that stood on the site.


The first building was built between 1919 and 1923 to provide the headquarters for the publishers, the Foment de Pietat, the Fundació Balmesiana and its library, and the Fundació Cultura Religiosa.

Highlights of the interior include the spectacular chapel, presided over by an altarpiece featuring a sculpture of the crucifixion by Josep Llimona, flanked by images of the Virgin Mary and Saint John by Camps Arnau. There are two marble altars dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat and Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus at the sides of the chapel.

Equally stunning are the colourful stained glass windows and a series of lamps, including a spectacular one hanging from the dome which lends the ensemble its own unique personality, as well as the magnificent central courtyard that lets light into the building and has an unusual carved wooden balcony resembling a gallery.

Make sure you don't miss this masterpiece by Joan Rubió i Bellver, a follower of Gaudí's and one of the architects who, in the 1920s, shaped Barcelona's Gothic Quarter as we see it today.

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