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Centre Excursionista and Temple of Augustus

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A Catalan Renaixença landmark


The hiking association, the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya (CEC), was founded in 1876 at the height of the Catalan cultural and linguistic renaissance movement, the Renaixença, as a scientific sporting body that had seven hostels and carried out a wide range of activities. It currently has 4,500 members and seven hostels, and organises an interesting selection of sporting and cultural activities and trips.


At its headquarters, situated on the site of the Roman temple of Augustus, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the four columns that have survived the centuries. The ruins date from the 1st century BC and once presided over the forum in Barcino, as Barcelona was known in Roman times.

The CEC has a library, map library, photographic archive and one of Europe's finest collections of publications about mountaineering.

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  • Guided tour of the Centre Excursionista and Temple of Augustus.

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