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Gracia’s Vermouth Tapas & Bodegas

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Culture and gastronomy in the village of Gràcia


Gràcia is one of Barcelona’s most charismatic neighbourhoods. On this tour you’ll discover the history of its squares and local lifestyle, as you drop by one of its tapas bars where you’ll feel just like one of the locals.


Gràcia is a neighbourhood brimming with personality and steeped in history and is a village in its own right inside the city.
On this guided tour, your guide will take you to the squares and streets where time seems to have stood still, like the plaça de la Revolució, with its working class, free-minded spirit, or the plaça del Diamant that inspired the author Mercè Rodoreda to write her best-known novel, In Diamond Square.

If you want to discover the local lifestyle and feel like one of the locals, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of red vermouth, accompanied by some tapas at one of the most popular bars in the neighbourhood.
You’ll also visit a local market where the aromas and colours will awaken your senses.

What does your booking include?:
  • Guided walking tour of the Gràcia neighbourhood.
  • Stop-off at four local bars, where you’ll have a glass of vermouth, wine or beer accompanied by two or three tapas.

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