Barcelona Turisme

Barcelona Family Tours

Discover the city through play


These Barcelona walking tours have been specially designed with the family in mind. You’ll explore unknown corners of the Eixample district where you’ll learn through play how nature inspired the city’s modernista architects.


A guide will lead the tour with his pet parakeet. They will both give you a series of riddles to solve and will ensure the kids are always involved in this city adventure.

To keep up your energy levels, all the tours include a fun snack for the kids and a soft drink for the adults.

You can choose from three routes:

1. The parakeet: you’ll discover Gaudí and Puig i Cadafalch’s modernisme as well as the legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George). On this route you’ll be able to admire the exterior of the Casa de les Punxes and La Pedrera.
2. The dragon: on this route you’ll discover modernisme in the Eixample and the magical façade of the Casa Batlló.
3. The owl: this route will introduce you to the main architects of modernisme: Antoni Gaudí, Puig i Cadafalch and Domènech i Montaner.

What does your booking include?:
  • A guide with his pet (parakeet, dragon or owl).
  • Riddles to solve that will help you to discover the city.
  • Fun snack for the kids and a soft drink for the adults.

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