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Socially focused tours


Hidden City Tours, is a Barcelona based self funded social enterprise working as a work reinsertion project for the homeless. They train and employ those who have been homeless to be tour guides.


Your guide is a survivor and tells his or her story as such: explore the hidden layers of the Raval quarter of the old town of Barcelona interwoven with inspiring personal stories an unexpected destinies. The tour aims to change attitudes and challenge myths.
When joining the tour you are not just buying a ticket for a city tour, you are actively taking part in a work reinsertion project for the homeless in Barcelona.

You can choose from the two options below:

Classic Hidden City Walking Tour (2 hours):
This tour combines visits to the iconic landmarks in the Gothic Quarter and Raval while taking a look at some of the places that don’t usually feature on sightseeing routes. The aim of this tour is to connect the history of the city with the reality of today’s society as explained by the guides.

Street Life Hidden City Walking Tour (1 hour and 30 minutes):
This tour will take you through the streets of the Raval, a small, compact neighbourhood where there are different community and social projects. It will show you the daily life of a homeless person who lives in Barcelona: where they sleep, get a change of clothes, eat, look for work, etc.

What does your booking include?:
  • Walking tour through Barcelona depending on the chosen option.

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