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Wine tourism at the Nadal Winery

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Experiences for the five senses


The Nadal de la Boadella estate is situated in the heart of the Penedès Plain. The 100 hectares of vines on the estate offer stunning scenery and all kinds of activities you can enjoy in the open air or in the winery's unique spaces.


Cava Sensations:
Your tour begins with a visit to the vineyards on the Nadal de la Boadella estate, some of them more than 65 years old. You'll discover the estate house, the winery and the original cellar.
Next, you'll discover the main stages of cava production and visit the cellar located 20m underground where you'll see the bottles ageing in their racks during the second fermentation.
The tour ends with a guided-tasting session of the Nadal X wines and the Reserva and Gran Reserva cavas.

What does your booking include?:
  • Tour of the vineyards, the cellar and guided tasting. Length of tour: 1h.

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