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Trip to a spa at Caldes de Montbui

From 35,00 €

A day's relaxation in the thermal springs


At Caldes de Montbui you'll be able to forget your worries and the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some quality time in the peace and quiet of a spa where times goes by at a leisurely pace. A day to find harmony within yourself and feel like new!


Caldes de Montbui has been a spa town since ancient times: in the Roman era its spa was set up on the site of hot springs. The town is still renowned today for the medicinal and therapeutic properties of its waters.

You'll be able to see for yourself at the Balneari Termes Victoria, where the water bubbles out at a temperature of 74ºC, the hottest on the Iberian Peninsula.

A relaxing series of treatments awaits, including the hot pool with bubbles, jet showers of different heights, the hydrotherapy corridor, the circular shower and vaporarium.

What does your booking include?:
  • Return trip on a scheduled bus route from Barcelona to Caldes de Montbui.
  • Thermal spa treatment at the Balneari Termes Victoria lasting one and a half hours.

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