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Marilyn Monroe Museum & Monastery of Sant Cugat

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Myth and mysticism


A wander through the actress'life and a visit to the Monastery, with one of the best cloisters in Europe.


Visit the only museum in Europe dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. Wander through the actress' life through her personal objects, unpublished and mythical photographs, the most complete library in the world and even a few locks of her hair.
From the rooftop, a statue of Marilyn observes a magnificent view of the monastic complex.

And it's time to penetrate into the history and architecture of the Royal Monastery of Sant Cugat. The audio guide will reveal the most powerful monastery in the county of Barcelona and highlight one of the best cloisters in Europe, thanks to the artistic quality of its 144 capitals, all diferent.

What does your booking include?:
  • Admission to Marilyn Monroe Museum.
  • Admission to Sant Cugat Benedictine Monastery and audioguide hire for over 16s.

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