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The Fishermen of the Barceloneta

From 35,00 €

A guided tour of the Fishermen's Guild and tasting of a seafood menu


You'll discover the secrets of the fishermen with a guided tour of the Guild building and enjoy a seafood menu made with fish from the Barceloneta.


The guided tour of the Barcelona Fishermen's Guild will tell you about the history of Barcelona's fishermen, their origins, the fishing techniques they use and their lifestyle. You'll see how they come in to port with their ships and, if you're in luck, you'll be able to chat to them in the yard where the landing nets are kept.

You'll visit and discover the fish market and find out how it is run. You'll see the place where the freshly caught fish is auctioned and taste it afterwards at the Xup Xup Restaurant. You can choose from a seafood menu see menu or a selection of tapas see tapas.

What does your booking include?:
  • Guided tour of the Fishermen's Guild.
  • Seafood menu or tasting menu of seafood tapas.

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