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Jet Ski - Aventura Nàutica

From 75,00 €

Fun and thrills are guaranteed


You'll experience an adrenaline rush, speed and power on a Flyfish ride and a Jet Ski ride.


Jet Ski:
You don't need any qualifications or experience to drive a motorised watercraft along the Barcelona coastline. You'll see the city from a different angle.

What does your booking include?:

Depending on the chosen option:
  • 1 hour Jet Ski ride.
  • or
  • 30-minute Jet Ski ride.
  • or
  • 20-minute Jet Ski ride.
  • Official instructor.
  • Safety briefing and instructions about how to operate the watercraft and maritime regulations.
  • Safety equipment (helmet and life vests).
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.

Doubts about price?
Doubts about the purchase?

tel: 34 932 853 832