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The Catalonia of Correfocs and devils

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Experience this Catalan tradition among firecrackers and devils


Lights, fireworks and dancing devils await you not far from the city. Be bold enough to run, dance and soak up the magical atmosphere of the Catalan villages. You’ll enjoy the night of the correfoc procession, during which dragons and devils, spouting fireworks, run through the streets, and take away some wonderful memories with you, whether you’re watching from a distance or are right at the heart of the action.


We invite you discover the unique correfoc tradition. You’ll take an afternoon trip from Barcelona to a nearby village where you’ll discover its customs and festivals. At nightfall, the traditional devils and bonfires await you.

When you get there, you’ll be immersed in the atmosphere of a genuine festival filled with time-honoured displays. You’ll hear the traditional instruments herald the arrival of the devils. Join in the party, dance among the red and black capes, jump among the sparks, or watch the entertainment at a distance far from the flames. An expert guide will be with you at all times to share the secrets of these local festivities.

Enjoy a genuine night out and let the magic of the masks and energy of the devils sweep you away, while your guide tells you everything about the fireworks, costumes and origins of this centuries-old Catalan tradition. You’ll get back to Barcelona after midnight with a unique memento and a great adventure to relate.

What does your booking include?:
  • Round trip.
  • Tour of the village.
  • Night-time correfoc spectacle.
  • Guide, who is an expert in local festivals.

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