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Barcelona Sweet Workshop

Sweeten up your visit to Barcelona!


Put some sweetness in your life and learn how to make the most typical and traditional Catalan dessertsat this cookery workshop suited to all ages. You’ll find out about the traditions in Barcelona and Catalonia through its sweetest dishes and end with a mouthwatering afternoon snack with the culinary project Canela Fina.


Barcelona Sweet Workshop is a cookery workshop designed to give an insight into Catalan culture through its most traditional desserts. The Catalan take on crème brûlée, known as Crema catalana or crema de San José, almond-paste treats called panellets, which are eaten on All Souls’ Day, and the bunyols de cuaresma, or Lenten fritters, are much more than unique sweet treats. They are inextricably linked to the calendar and traditions of the region. By discovering traditional Catalan desserts, you’ll find out about the region’s culture.

The workshop takes place at the gastronomic space Canela Fina, a cosy, welcoming place in Barcelona’s historic centre right next to the Palau de la Música and very close to the cathedral. A workshop which will stimulate your creativity so you can make your own versions of traditional desserts.

At the sweet workshop you’ll learn how to make crema catalana, panellets, bunyols de l’Empordà and bread with chocolate, oil and salt. A number of seasonal variations may also be included. And to end your experience, what could be better than a luscious snack accompanied by a hot drink or glass of dessert wine.

Your booking includes:
  • Learning how to make four desserts.
  • Afternoon snack with coffee, infusion or glass of dessert wine.

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