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Sta. Maria del Pi Basilica

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A tour of the Basilica of Sta. Maria del Pi


We invite you to discover the secrets of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi accompanied by a guide who will reveal one of the most fascinating treasures of medieval Barcelona architecture.


Can you imagine a pine forest where Barcelona's Gothic Quarter now stands? A pine tree, from which the square and adjacent church take their names, still stands bearing witness to the past. Legend has it that the image of a virgin was found inside its trunk.

You'll enter through the main door to Santa Maria del Pi, which is surmounted by a magnificent rose window. In the peaceful silence of the night, an expert guide will reveal the profound significance of the church and the meaning of the rituals and objects which have gradually died out over the years. You'll be able to explore the nooks and crannies of the church which are usually hidden from visitors.

To end your evening, you'll discover the interior of one of the only bell towers to retain its original 14th-century structure which boasts matchless views of the city below.

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  • Guided tour.

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