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The Aristocracy of Flamenco


Tablao Flamenco Cordobés presents in occasion of its 45th Anniversary the cycle The Aristocracy of Flamenco with the presence of consecrated Farruquito sharing the stage with Karime Amaya, Belén López and Sara Barrero.


The Aristocracy of Flamenco is an artistic dome that collects different aesthetic proposals with the common bond of excellence within the framework we understand as tradition and purity.
Distinguised surnames, alongside today's young talents. The contrast and motivation, the beauty of different styles.

The extraordinary universality of flamenco, bringing together in different performances Sevilla and Catalunya, consacrated Farruquito with these catalonian dancers located in the top of the professional consideration by experts, Belén López, Karime Amaya and Sara Barrero and other young Catalonians at the height of artistic recognition.

In different steps of the career ladder, youth and consecrated together by the talent and the exceptional competence towards a climax that it's named "duende".

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