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Sefarad at the Palau Requesens

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A journey back in time in search of the traces of Barcelona's Jewish community


Medieval Barcelona was home to an important Jewish community which numbered 4,000 people in the 14th century. What remains of their presence in the city today? Enter an unknown world as you stroll through the streets of the old Jewish Quarter or "call" and sample traditional Hebrew cuisine with a dinner tasting menu.


Why Sefarad? This was the Jewish community's name for the Iberian Peninsula. This is why the descendants of the Jews who lived in Spain until 1492 were known as Sephardim.

We invite you to spend an evening in the old Sefarad and find out how the Jews lived in Barcelona and, above all, about the legacy they left to the Catalan capital. An expert guide will take you on a tour of the Jewish Quarter, or "call". During the tour you will visit the oldest main synagogue in Europe, discover what the public baths, or mikvé, were like, as well as the identity of the alchemist who lived on Carrer Arc de Sant Ramon del Call.

Next, you will gain an even greater insight into Jewish culture with a tasting menu of Ashkenazic and Sephardic dishes. You'll sample the flavours of kosher cuisine at the Saló Tinellet inside the Palau Requesens, where a stone with Jewish inscriptions is still preserved.

After dinner there will be a lecture on the history and lifestyle of Barcelona's Hebrew community, which is sure to amaze you.

What does your booking include?:
  • Welcome glass of cava.
  • Guided tour of the Jewish Quarter or "call", with admission to the Main Synagogue.
  • Tour of the Palau Requesens.
  • Dinner with tasting menu. See menu
  • Lecture about the history and lifestyle of the Hebrew community in Barcelona.

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