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Vesping Barcelona

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Discover Barcelona on a Vespa


Enjoy your visit and avoid traffic jams on an iconic Vespa while you explore the city on the routes Vesping has added to the GPS systems on these fun scooters. They'll take you to unforgettable places!


Scooters are certainly one of the favourite vehicles with Barcelona locals and the Vespa holds pride of place among them due to its combination of romanticism and comfort. We invite you to explore the city at your leisure with all the ease of access and parking you'll enjoy with a Vespa fitted with a practical GPS system.

3 available routes:
  • Olympic Barcelona: you'll find out how the city opened up, became more accessible and was transformed into a unique destination due to its combination of modern facilities and cultural heritage. See map
  • Gaudí Route: with his wonderful creations including the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. See map
  • Beach Route: take a break and have a swim or relax in the sun. See map

What are you waiting for? Book your Vespa and get ready to discover the many faces of Barcelona on board a classic scooter!

What does your booking include?:
  • 50cc automatic Vespa S.
  • GPS with pre-programmed tours.
  • Lock and helmets for driver and passenger.
  • Petrol. First tank free. No need to refuel.
  • Technical run-through and recommendations.
  • Civil responsibility insurance including third-party damage and health insurance without excess.

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