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Luggage transfer service from, to the airport

From 9,90 €

The smart way to handle your luggage


Travelling is a pleasure but travelling without having to drag your luggage around with you is a now a luxury that everyone can afford! To make your stay easier and more convenient we offer you NoLuggage, the transfer service that will pick up your luggage and take it to a previously agreed location.


Whether you're at the airport, your apartment or hotel, a duly accredited member of NoLuggage staff will take care of your luggage, attach an unbreakable safety seal signed by you, and take it the agreed location.

When travelling from the airport or leaving your hotel or apartment you can arrange to have your luggage dropped off at, or collect it from Locker Barcelona, at Estruç, 36. Its central location, just off Plaça Catalunya, is particularly convenient as it the city's main transport hub. Locker Barcelona also provides left-luggage and shrink-wrapping services.

Your luggage and personal effects are monitored at all times via GPS to guarantee the safety and location of each item of luggage. When you book our service, your luggage is automatically insured to a value of 3,000€.

What does your booking include?:
  • Luggage collection, security seal and transport.
  • Insurance covering damages and loss.

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Doubts about the purchase?

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